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Hello world!

March 6, 2012

Welcome to my new blog. I am a crafter, but unfortunately I also work outside the home to pay for pesky living expenses so I sometimes have difficulty finding enough time to devote to my projects. Right now my focus is making cards and I need to push myself to make more scrapbook pages. I also love textiles – I have made some quilts and a couple of pieces of clothing though I have to say I always feel old wearing them. I like to dye my own fabrics. I’ve painted some fabric too. I have tried knitting (with needles) but I just don’t have the coordination so I either use a machine or a board when I take time for it. I crochet a little, but not that often. I am constantly looking for craft projects that are easy and inexpensive to make while allowing me to incorporate my family history. I donate them to our family reunion to be auctioned to raise money for the following year.

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