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Out Of My Comfort Zone

September 19, 2016

I took a little time off from papercrafting to create some shirts for my aunt and cousins. [You may recall I created a card a week or so ago for her after she received a cancer diagnosis.]


Since not everyone would agree with the message on the shirt, I used some Paper Notes in Ribbet to edit out part of the photograph as I did not not want anyone to be offended. Normally, this is not a project I would do and is likely not a shirt I would wear myself, but when life throws you a curve ball you do not always do what you would normally do.

I first saw a design similar to this on a Facebook group. I modified it a bit. I selected my own fonts, made the ribbon larger and placed it on an angle so it looks more like a ribbon and less like someone hand wrote ck – attaching the letters as they wrote – and completoing a word that offends some.

Here is a closeup photo of the ribbon. I used glitter heat transfer vinyl on it and wanted you to be able to see how it looks. I am so pleased with the results. I selected white glitter HTV since I read that pearl, clear and white are ribbon colors that are often used for lung-related illnesses.


Supplies I used to create the shirts: t-shirts, Cricut® Iron-On Lite – Navy and Cricut® Iron-On Glitter – White Glitter. The fonts are Cricut® Alphabet – Regular and Market Street Fonts – Eloise – Regular. The ribbon is from Stand and Salute.

I am in a few Cricut® groups on Facebook and there are a lot of folks, men and women, making their own t-shirts using heat transfer vinyl. Some people have even invested in a heat press to make shirts. Making shirts is something I may do occasionally, but not something I see myself doing a lot of, so I have not and probably will not purchase a heat press.

Since I do not have a heat press, I used the following method to attach the HTV to the shirts. I pre-washed the shirts with a detergent that does not have softener and did not use fabric softener in the rinse cycle or in the dryer. I placed a wooden cutting board under the top layer of the shirt and used parchment paper in lieu of a pressing cloth (I originally started with a pressing cloth, but it seemed like enough heat was not getting through to attach the HTV). I had to press longer than the instructions stated, but I took care to watch to scorching. I included a note with the Cricut® suggested care instructions of washing and drying the shirts inside out.

I received a note from my aunt and they like the shirts. I am happy they do.

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