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Small Metal Die Organization

June 4, 2016 Comments off

I am working toward getting my crafty supplies organized so I can find things quicker and so I can use less space. One of the things I am doing is taking my metal dies that came in envelopes and putting them in organizers.

I am taking very small metal dies and putting them on magnetic sheets in an ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case. To help me quickly find the dies I want, I am cutting them out and adding them to a piece of cardstock and keeping the cardstock “pages” on top in the case.

ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case insert

So the cardstock fits inside the case, I turned to Cricut® Design Space. I used the free shapes to cut the cardstock the same size and shape as the magnetic sheets (mostly and close enough for me). Then I added text to my cardstock using Simple Celebrations, one of the Cricut® fonts available with the subscription, and a Pilot Precise V7 Premium Rolling Ball Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black (it fits in the pen holder without an adapter) to write what collection the mini dies are from.

This will also help me put the dies back on the correct magnetic sheet and since the die cuts are applied to the cardstock in a similar location as the dies on the magnetic sheet, this should also alert me fairly quickly if a die is not where it belongs.

I hope you like this idea for organization. Please leave a comment if you like it or have ideas for improving it. For me, organization seems like it is always a work in progress. If you would like to use my Design Space “file” in your ArtBin Case, you will find the file here. If you want to share this storage idea with your friends, please send them to this blog post rather than share the Design Space link. Thank you.

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